Sponsor 1 Thing A Week


There are two sponsorship opportunities on 1 Thing A Week. For both, get in touch by email to discuss the opportunities further: [email protected].

Article sponsorship

Each article features has a space reserved for a sponsor, which is designed to be responsive and work on any format. You can find an example of the text that would be displayed in a tweet before and after sponsorship has been applied.

  1. Before: How to take better photos
  2. Before: How to take better photos, bought to you by Acme Ltd.

While the article itself will still contain the first version, the website will clearly display a sponsorship section and all RSS feeds and social media posts will contain the second version. Sponsorships are live indefinitely, or for as long as you campaign requires. We do however reserve the right to remove a campaign at any time. If the campaign is removed during the first week of an article being available, a partial refund will be offerred. If at least one week has passed since the article was published, a refund will not be available.

Site sponsorship

Site sponsorship is still subject to the privacy & formats policy, but certainly possible.

Notable items

Some noteable items may link to an affiliate or partner. While this benefits 1 Thing A Week and supports the site, notable items are not a monetization stragegy and we will try to keep these to a minimum.


1TAW is open to both paid and unpaid reviews marking, them appropriately and clearly.

Privacy & formats

The privacy of readers is important so sponsorships powered by JavaScript & Flash are discouraged. Only text and images may be used for promotional purposes.