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2024343. My Top 10 Moments with Klopp
342. Seeing the Aurora Borealis in the UK
341. Impromptu trip to see a Liverpool match
340. The RE.UNIQLO Studio is incredible
339. inmyb.io
338. I should use my DSLR more
337. Selvedge Denim Update
336. The price of film stock in 2024
335. Embossing ambitions
334. Momento: the sports ticket scrapbook app
333. Cities at similar latitudes
332. 3 Months with Apple Fitness+
331. Swift Playgrounds on the iPad Mini
330. Revisiting the world of DHTML in 2024
329. Yamaha YHT-1840 Review
328. Getting to grips with SwiftUI
327. Danke, Jürgen
326. The Indie Web should be easier
325. Glowing hover effect with CSS
324. My Resolutions for 2024
323. My short-term Apple Watch Ultra 2 Review
2023322. A new look for 1 Thing A Week
321. Nesting in CSS is here!
320. HDR colours in CSS
319. First look at colour spaces in CSS
318. My 2023 Gift Guide
317. Can you rely on Apple Maps?
316. My CSS learning list for 2024
315. 40 insights from my 40 years
314. 6 Years of 1 Thing A Week
313. UK Plugs Are The Best
312. Tracklib's Sample Breakdown
311. 1 Thing A Week x SkeletonCSS
310. My iPhone photography break down
309. CSS Grid Pattern
308. Thoughts on the Apple iPhone 15 Pro lineup and Apple Watch Ultra 2
307. I've just posted my first video review to YouTube on my new channel; IRL Tech Reviews
306. How did we break the internet?
305. There's always room for improvement
304. Hello, Bluesky
303. The Art of Football
302. My Recent Media Diet (August 2023)
301. Please, Apple, bring retouching to Photos.app
300. Using clamp() instead of min() and max() in CSS
299. Improving sizing and typography in SkeletonCSS
298. You can find me on Instagram Threads @cchana
297. Google Domains is shutting down
296. Philips OLED TV review (48OLED807)
295. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
294. What's coming to Safari 17?
293. WWDC 23: Apple Vision Pro, Mac Pro, macOS, iPadOS, iOS, tvOS, visionOS and watchOS
292. Full Frame with Becca Farsace
291. World Cup 2026 Brand Launch
290. HTML view transitions are on the way
289. More adventures with ChatGPT
288. 100 items shared on Good Gear Club
287. Shouldn't the DOM evolve to be more accessible?
286. Why is buying a TV such a horrible experience?
285. Should I be excited for subgrid in CSS?
284. ChatGPT helped me build a functioning todo app!
283. Building a wavy background in CSS
282. Wealth Inequality
281. Does anyone still use HTML Image Maps?
280. Getting started with Apple's Freeform app
279. Web Interface Guidelines
278. Update 4 for SkeletonCSS
277. Why is Mastodon so much easier to automate in the Shortcuts app than Twitter or Instagram
276. How do you track what to watch next?
275. Why are all-in-one remotes so bad?
274. Revisiting how to build a CSS only slideshow
273. Is Twitter getting better?
272. Why the order property in CSS frustrates me
271. Working with CSS grid, gap and aspect-ratio
2022270. A look back at my 2022
269. MKBHD’s 2022 Smartphone camera battle
268. Long live RSS feeds
267. The 2022 Gift Guide
266. Making practical use of the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display
265. 10 years of iPhone photography
264. How 1 Thing A Week is structured
263. How I would fix Twitter in 5 easy steps
262. Where exactly does the new 10th-generation iPad fit into Apple's iPad lineup?
261. Futura 2000
260. So Expensive
259. Customising your iPhone lock screen in iOS 16
258. Top 2 World Cup 2022 kits
257. Can you change the animation-duration property in CSS smoothly?
256. Initial thoughts on the iPhone 14 Pro
255. Creating a CSS only menu with :has()
254. Food Wars
253. I'm getting really excited for the :has() selector in CSS
252. My iPhone 14 Pro wishlist
251. Am I using the DATASET element wrong?
250. Exploring some more of the UK
249. Getting to grips with Apple CarPlay
248. Mercedes-Benz SEC series
247. Looking back at Nike+PHP
245. I need to have a moan about front end development in 2022
244. 3 Things to watch now
243. The 5 best looking EVs
242. Thoughts on Apple's plans for the 3rd Generation of CarPlay
241. My WWDC 2022 wish list
240. Ending Liverpool FC's 2021-2022 season on a high
239. A little bit of downtime
238. Agile Tools & Techniques Webinar
237. 4 things from my home office
236. Is selvedge denim worth it?
235. Some use cases for the :has() selector in CSS
234. Android style-form labels with pure CSS
233. Money raised for MIND by the team at magLabs
232. My 2022 New Year's Resolution update for the end of Q1
231. Raising money for MIND at magLabs
230. Progressive Enhancement FTW!
229. Apple unveils M1 Ultra
228. Is there bias in AI generated art?
227. 4 Comedies worth watching twice
226. Smoother CSS gradients
225. Web Development History
224. Update 3 for SkeletonCSS
223. Do websites really need a skip to content link?
222. Two things Apple need to fix in Spaces for macOS
221. Generating art using the AI Art Machine
220. Finally, :has() is here!
219. My New Year's Resolutions for 2022
2020246. My 2 favourite pens
166. My key stats for 2020
165. 2020 Reviewed
164. 3 Simple automations for your iPhone
163. 2020 Gift Guide
162. Using CSS variables to create a dark mode for your site
161. Re-designing my portfolio
160. The Apple M1 chip
159. My favourite iPhone photography hack
158. Applying silicone correctly to your bathroom
157. Three years of 1 Thing A Week ?
156. The iPhone 12 is here and it's bringing MagSafe back!
155. Ted Lasso
154. Apple Maps update introduces 'Look Around' feature to the UK
153. Second linked data update: It worked!
152. Making better use of Twitter threads
151. An update on my linked data experiment
150. Apple delays iOS 14's anti-tracking features until 2021
149. Follow @cchana on Dribbble
148. How I cleaned up my RSS subscriptions
147. Brush pen art, my new lockdown hobby
146. I'm launching a newsletter!
145. CSS only bubble patterns explained
144. Taking advantage of image compression
143. The one thing missing from the Apple TV 4K experience
142. CSS only zigzag patterns explained
141. Fake Doctors, Real Friends
140. Liverpool F.C. are 2019/2020 Premier League Champions!
139. Experimenting with linked data
138. Launching SITEJOY, a gallery of fast & responsive websites
137. 5 CodePens that show what can be achieved with just CSS
136. Top 3 gadgets around the home
135. 3 Things you might not know SASS can do
134. Top 5 Roma kits from the past 20 years
133. Thoughts on Boris Johnson's 'Stay Alert' briefing
132. Using CSS to make responsive tables with headers that are readable
131. Creating stop motion animations with an iPhone and Siri Shortcuts
130. Quick thoughts on the 2020 iPhone SE
129. Keeping kids entertained during the COVID-19 lockdown
128. The Long Goodbye – Riz Ahmed
127. The APOLLO 11 documentary
126. Adjusting to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic
125. How I'd fix the Coronavirus fixture fiasco
124. Francesco Totti, the King of Rome
123. My dream Mercedes-Benz SEC restoration project
122. The top 5 affordable EVs
121. Features that all cars should have as standard
120. Improving your iPhone's Do Not Disturb car mode
119. Use Off-Facebook Activity to take back some control
118. Past Tech: MiniDiscs
117. Making ads in your Twitter feed feel less creepy
116. Retro Tech by MKBHD
115. Finding positive news
114. Succumbing to Man Flu
2021218. Goodbye, 2021
217. Instagram is bad at the open web
216. Auditing the 10 most visited websites in the UK
215. Diving into the CSS clamp() function
214. Two simple keyboard shortcuts for macOS
213. GitHub Copilot Preview
212. My iPad mini review (6th generation)
211. 1,000 sites now featured on Sitejoy
210. I think I finally understand the CSS min() and max() functions!
209. 3 more things apple should bring back to the Mac
208. The most annoying things about Safari for iOS 15
207. The CSS max() function
206. The and elements in HTML
205. Why I can't wait for the :has() pseudo-class in CSS
204. Did you know you can send a SMS from HTML?
203. Filling the gap between gas and electric cars: PHEVs
202. Getting my head around the CSS minmax() function
201. How to implement the Web Share API on your website
200. Experimenting with the CSS min() function
199. How to use mailto links and the different properties available
198. The HTTP 203 web series
197. Why I'm unable to chart and share the step data from iOS
196. Getting it wrong with CSS Grid!
195. Restoring the screen on my original GameBoy
194. Homepages I've never seen before
193. 5 things website need to stop doing
192. Upcoming changes to Safari 15 in MacOS Monterray
191. Update 2 for SkeletonCSS
190. Now that we have container queries, can we get native parallax scrolling please?
189. HEX, RGB, and HSL colors in CSS
188. I built a simple routing framework for PHP called Wayfinder
187. Goodbye, Internet Explorer. You will not be missed.
186. 1 Year of SITEJOY
185. Mixing N-match notations in CSS
184. How to use the prefers media query in CSS
183. Understanding N-match notation in CSS
182. Some upcoming changes to the content on 1 Thing A Week
181. 3 things I didn't know SCSS / SASS could do
180. First update to SkeletonCSS
179. My CSS properties explainer thread on Twitter
178. I thought I knew HTML pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn
177. Introducing SkeletonCSS, my take on a base SCSS file
176. I ❤️ SASS but am I making the most of it?
175. My daughter built her first website
174. Why Apple need to bring lux level support to HomeKit
173. Using HTML's details tag
172. How to build a pure CSS accordion
171. How my portfolio website evolved over the past 16 years
170. Taking a different approach to website analytics
169. Is the internet in an obesity crisis?
168. Things I want to learn in 2021
167. My #dohackathon submission: The Neptunes, an interactive archive
2019113. 2019 Reviewed
112. Top 5 Christmas Movies
111. Ways to live more sustainably
110. 2019 Gift Guide
109. Tesla Cybertruck
108. 2 HomeKit compatible devices to make your home smarter
107. iPhone gestures and shortcuts you might not know about
106. Collecting football kits
105. My Brexit despair
104. Two years of 1 Thing A Week
103. Tesla Model S vs the Porsche Taycan
102. What's the point of an OLED display?
101. The real problem with your iPhone's storage
100. 1 Thing A Week's most Notable items
99. Apple's iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & Apple Watch Series 5
98. How website tracking should work
97. Top 5 Liverpool kits of the Premier League era
96. How Apple should name their phones
95. Modified Teslas
94. Climate change — It's happening now
93. The Boys
92. Why'd You Push That Button?
91. My favourite comedies of the 2010s
90. Stranger Things 3
89. Bon Appétit's Making Perfect: Pizza
88. TRUCKLA: The first Tesla Pickup Truck to hit the road
87. The Future Mapping Company
86. Pharrell's signature four-count start
85. Roundup of Apple's 2019 WWDC keynote
84. Liverpool FC: Champions of Europe 2019
83. How could we improve Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and social media in general?
82. Still using the stock apps on your iPhone?
81. Why I can't give up on Google Maps. Yet.
80. BuzzFeed's 'Worth It'
79. Breaking down Avengers: Endgame (spoilers)
78. The first photo of a black hole
77. Shazam!
76. Top Podcasts 2019
75. Apple's 2019 media event: Apple News+, TV+, Card & Arcade
74. Re-building 1 Thing A Week — the 2019 refresh
73. Tesla Model Y
72. Strange Planet
71. The Polestar 2
70. True Detective season 3
69. How ARES uses gravity to store energy
68. Weezer's Teal Album
67. My top 10 movies (2019 edition)
66. Achieving Inbox Zero
64. The state of the Apple TV in 2019
63. SOLE ORIGINS by Complex
62. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
201865. Your digital privacy is important
61. Key Moments in 2018
60. 2018 Reviewed
59. Barely Maps
58. Blind smartphone camera test 2018
57. How to use the Shortcuts app on your iPhone
56. The Polestar 1
55. What is the internet?
54. Apple's 2018 iPad Pro, MacBook Air & Mac Mini event
53. The first year of 1 Thing A Week
52. 3 printed gifts football fans will love on Etsy
51. 5 ways to Improve your digital state of mind
50. My 5 favourite web & design resources
49. Top 5 articles on 27B/6
48. My frustrations with the Philips Hue ecosystem
47. My top 3 Apple Watch apps
46. 2018 Apple iPhones & Apple Watch Series 4
45. 4 things to improve Apple's App Store and the Health and Home apps
44. What If?
43. Project 365 — a retrospective
42. Hot Ones
41. History of Apple wallpapers
40. Who Is America?
39. Top 12 goals at the 2018 World Cup
38. World Cup Winners XI 2018 Edition
37. Tiny Desk Concerts
36. New UEFA Champions League branding 2018
35. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
34. Realistic Flags
33. 13 Reasons Why (Season 2)
32. Apple WWDC Roundup 2018
31. Top 7 kits at the 2018 FIFA World Cup
30. Cascade of Lava: stunning photos from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
29. Arrested Development returns
28. Mr Bingo's Hate Mail Project
27. Instagram Month: #cchanaholdingthings
26. Instagram Month: Iceland
25. Instagram Month: @andrrresky
24. Instagram Month: Hawaii
23. Instagram Month: @hellocolor
22. The literal world map
21. Honda's Urban EV concept becomes a reality
20. Infinite Worlds
19. Geneva Motor Show 2018
18. Custom Lego sets
17. Getting the most out of your digital assistant
16. Marvel's Black Panther
15. Paperholm: the paper city
14. What is the point of the Apple HomePod?
13. The Every Second Project
12. Reimagining the Porsche 911: Singer Vehicle Design
11. 6 inspirational Instagram accounts for better photography
10. How to take better photos
20179. Key Moments in 2017
8. 2017 Reviewed
7. The Evolution of Kendrick Lamar
6. The Grand Tour Season 2
5. The 50 Best Superhero Movies Of All Time
4. Tesla Roadster 2020
2. The 100-megapixel Moon
1. Stranger Things 2