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Key Moments in 2018

Week 61.0 — 24th December '18

Last week I linked to various 2018 reviews that everyone drops around this time of year and as everyone continues to wind down before the new year, time to look back at the key moments from 2018.

Key moments of 2018

JanuaryCalifornia legalises cannabis for recreational use
Meltdown and Spectre are revealed as two security flaws affecting most microprocessors
Donald Trump is reported to have called African countries "shitholes"
FebruarySpaceX's Falcon Heavy delivers a Tesla Roadster into space
North Korea compete in the Winter Olympics in South Korea
Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
MarchPhysicist Stephen Hawking dies
Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed
AprilActor Verne Troyer dies
The leaders of both North and South Korea meet for the first time in 10 years
MayPrince Harry weds Meghan Markle in Windsor
Ireland overturn their ban on abortion
JuneUS confirm they've separated almost 2,000 children from their parents at the border
US President Donald Trump meats North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in person
Twelve members of the Wild Boars youth soccer team and their coach are trapped for almost a month in a cave in Thailand they entered before waters rose blocking them in
Spain sack their head coach Julen Lopetegui just before the start of the 2018 World Cup after Real Madrid announce he'll become their manager after the tournament finishes
JulyFrance win the 2018 World Cup in Russia, beating Croatia in the final
AugustSinger Aretha Franklin dies
Barry Elliot of Chuckle Brothers fame dies
Senator John McCain dies
SeptemberActor Burt Reynolds dies
Rapper Mac Miller (Malcolm McCormick) dies
OctoberThe owner of Leicester City Football Club is killed in a helicopter crash
Immediately after being sold at auction, a Banksy paper has it's hidden shredder activated
The longest sea-crossing bridge in the world opens, connecting Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China
NovemberSpongebob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenburg dies
Comic book legend Stan Lee dies
Wildfires devestate California
Former President George H. W. Bush dies
DecemberLondon's Gatwick Airport is bought to a standstill after drones are spotted
Former Liberal Democrats leader Paddy Ashdown dies after a battle with cancer

So it turns out that 2018 is no less depressing then 2017. There were a few highs but many lows and for those of us in the UK there's not much to look forward to in 2019 with Brexit so close.

And despite all of the above, I still wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year!


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