Julius Caesar and Leap Days

I'm a day late on this. I only became aware of the ending in 00 & divisible by 400 during the last leap year which is odd to me given that one of the leap years in my life time was for the year 2000! Maybe we were all to pre-occupied with the Y2K bug to worry about leap days.

Posted 1st Mar 2024 @ 08:56

Apple Cancels Electric Car Project

When the next version of CarPlay was originally announced, it left me scratching my head:

If Project Titan (Apple's rumoured car project) is real, then Apple have struck an amazing deal here to be able to integrate with an unbelievable number of cars that will be hitting the road from late-2023 onwards.

Turns out both Aston Martin and Porsche announced right at the end of 2023 that cars with the new CarPlay integration were coming in 2024. I was personally surprised it happened because there seemed to be a bit of resistance to the announcement back in 2022.

This outcome seems best to me, Apple do great software and hardware and are the best at bringing both together. The premium cost for an Apple device are palatable because of their performance and longevity but Apple aren't going to sell a family car for family car money which limits it's reach.

The Apple Vision Pro might be very expensive now, but with time and great adoption, the price will surely come down to make it more accessible. That never happens in the car industry.

Posted 28th Feb 2024 @ 09:55

Introducing Apple Sports, a new app for sports fans

I'm building my own, Liverpool specific, app at the moment using SwiftUI so the timing is terrible. Apple Sports in almost unbelievably basic when compared to Apple News, but it is content rich once you drill down into games.

My app is for a single club, so a smaller niche. I'll keep building anyway, it's useful for me if no one else.

Posted 22nd Feb 2024 @ 18:20

Things Unexpectedly Named After People

Of all of these, PageRank was the one that blew my mind. It was named after Larry Page! For more than 20 years I just assumed it referenced the rank of a page 🤦‍♂️.

Clicking through, I also didn't know Max Factor was named after Max Factor!

Posted 20th Feb 2024 @ 10:30

Honda Offering Wireless Apple CarPlay Upgrade for 2018-2022 Accords

Well done, Honda. I'd love the same for my Mercedes. I've looked at dongles to make it work but not sure how reliable they would be so have stuck with the wired version for now.

Posted 6th Feb 2024 @ 10:38

Why Girona winning LaLiga could be bad news for Manchester City

I for one am delighted with this revelation. I wouldn't say I oppose multi-club ownership but it's become very murky in the way that transfers occur. I think there should be a limit on how many sales can be made between clubs that share ownership. Loans too, clearly the number of players shared is going to be higher because of the underlying relationship but cap it.

If the two teams finish in the same position, the one with the highest club coefficient (City in this case) would be awarded qualification.

No club would sanction it, but in terms of avoiding a cartel, I feel that the club with the lower coefficient should be the one to qualify. They won't have to enjoyed the same windfall from being in the competition before so at a disadvantage from the start. The clubs with more money and clout should be pushed to be at their best, not to just fall back on their reputation.


Posted 31st Jan 2024 @ 12:00

Lava Flows Into an Icelandic Town

Iceland is just something else. I wish I'd known more about photography when we visited in 2012.

Posted 18th Jan 2024 @ 10:04

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