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My 2023 Gift Guide

Week 318.0 — 27th November '23

After a two year hiatus, last year I brought back the gift guide but with a twist. I had just launched Good Gear Club, it was probably still in single figures for items I'd shared but as well as celebrating 6 years of blogging here, I've also passed a full year of sharing items over on Good Gear Club.

To celebrate the occasion, I posted a celebratory video on YouTube and followed it up with the first in a series of videos highlighting featured items on the site:

My 2023 Gift Guide

But back to the gift guide. As Good Gear Club has evolved, the best thing to do is to point you to the Christmas Gift Guide over there. There's hopefully something for everyone, or for their home or even their travels.

There have been 41 items shared so far, with more to come before the year is out.

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