Danke, Jürgen

Posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-01-31.

I already wasn't feeling my best last week only to bit hit with the news that Jürgen Klopp had decided to step down as manager come the end of the 2023/24 season.

Genuinely devastating news for Liverpool fans. I didn't know how to feel.

Jurgen Klopp wearing sunglasses and holding a bottle of bear at the Liverpool Trophy Parade in 2022. He can be seen waving at fans.

I became a supporter in the mid-90s so missed the end of Dalglish's reign. I do remember Benitez stepping down, which felt like it was coming. Brendan Rodgers ultimately outstayed his welcome, as did Gerard Houllier. Roy Hodgson should never have been anywhere near the club and didn't get Liverpool at all.

Contrast the previous 4 managers (not including Kenny's second stint), Klopp not only won on his terms, he's leaving on his terms too.

The best bits

  1. Top of the list is Liverpool's 2022 trophy parade, something we experienced as a family and a moment I'll never forget
  2. Watching the 2022 Carabao Cup Final with my son. Even though we watched it on TV, it was the first time we watched an entire game together
  3. Winning the Premier League in 2019/20, it felt like this might never happen given the previous 30 years of experience, the ongoing financial doping of other clubs and COVID-19
  4. Winning the Champions League in 2018/19

Even without watching all of the videos above, Liverpool fans already know how much we'll miss him because we endured so much before his arrival. The shoes are not so much big to fill, but almost impossible.

Reaction to Jürgen Klopp's decision

I won't put the video here, I'll only link to his announcement. In what feels like it may be a Liverpool tradition, the announcement came out of the blue. Much like when Bill Shankley and Kenny Dalglish had announced the same.

Shock was the main reaction, but I think most people understand his stance. There's no way to win in this situation, but it does give the club a chance to get themselves sorted by the time the next season starts. Better for us all to know now than for the season to end and for us all to wonder what happens next. We've got around 4 more months to enjoy the Reds with Klopp in charge.

Thank you

Klopp has brought a lot of joy to fans over the past 9 years so I don't begrudge him a proper rest. He tried, and failed, to have one after leaving his previous club. Thankfully, only Liverpool could change the course of his holiday. From outside, while fans obsess about clubs, the drain must be pretty intense on a manager making decisions day to day.

Wether it was record points for coming second, rampant victories or unforgettable nights in Europe, his reign at Liverpool had it all. Enjoy your well earned break, Jürgen.