Getting to grips with SwiftUI

Week 328 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-02-05.

Swift Playgrounds has proved to be a very interesting app on the iPad. Armed with a Bluetooth keyboard, I went through some of the courses to learn more about Swift and it gave me a pretty good grounding in it's concepts.

Once I'd made it through the Learn to Code and Get Started with Apps guided playgrounds, I decided to see what I might be able to build out and I've been prototyping in SwiftUI for a few weeks now.

What I'm struggling most with though is how to make use of certain layouts that Apple have used. I've nailed a few things like navigation and tab based views, but haven't quite figured out lists. The main reason is that the defaults are not what Apple fall back on in their own apps. There's quite a lot of exceptions they have in their own use of SwiftUI from what I can see. Once I've figured a few of those out I think I can build out a really good app and I'd love to have it out in the App Store this year.

Watch this space!

Tags: swift, swiftui

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