Liverpool F.C. are 2019/2020 Premier League Champions!

The Reds finally won their 19th league title after 30 years of trying.

Week 140 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2020-06-29.

If I'm honest it was a little anticlimactic given the 3 month break and the factory that victory was confirmed without even playing, but that doesn't matter at all. It takes nothing away from a team that has achieved so much and so early. There are 23 points between 1st and 2nd and there are 7 games still to go! All that really matters is that my favourite team in the entire world are the champions of not only the English Premier League, but reigning European and World Champions too.

I've supported Liverpool since the mid-90s, and it's been a relationship of huge ups and some pretty major downs too. A decade ago, the club was on the brink of collapse but 10 years later they have 3 consecutive European finals and the major honours I've already mentioned to look back on.

A lot has been said since the title was confirmed on Thursday night, so here's a bunch of content that you might enjoy to celebrate title #19.

A great article in the New York Times by Rory Smith. You may need a free account to read it:

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The digital team at Liverpool have put out a lot of content, you can see the best photos and you can see every goal scored on the way to the title:

The records

There are quite a few records that have been and could still be broken this season. Take the league itself, only Manchester City (2017/18) had ever had a set of results looking anything like this. I've projected the rest of Liverpool's season (assuming a draw in their next game which is against City) and they could be on course for 104 points.With 7 games to go, there's no guarantee we'll see the full squad out in every game but given how the season has gone, there's little reason to doubt them making it triple figures.

Even if you take into account the 1978-79 season (adjusted for 3 points for a win), the club would have hit the 98 point mark but that was over 42 games, not 38. If Liverpool 'only' get to the same 97 points as last season, it's still a huge achievement from a club that was adrift for so long.


I'll update the chart above with a new line for actual results after the season restarted (green). Come back at the end of the season to see how well Liverpool finished the season.

It's been interesting seeing this season play out having come close a handful of times before. Not only have Liverpool sealed the league with a record number of games to go, they continue to pass all types or milestones.

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Liverpool finished the season on 99 points, drawing to Burnley and loosing to Arsenal were odd results, resulting in 5 dropped. Turning either into a win would have meant the Reds would have claimed the record for points in a season... but 97 points and the Champions League, followed by 99 and the Premier League is nothing to be bitter about. To be presented the trophy on 96 points felt like it was meant to be.

Hopefully the defence is a little more switched on at the start of next season (starting September 12th) and we start to see what Minimino can really do and see even more from Naby Keita.

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