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Reimagining the Porsche 911: Singer Vehicle Design

Week 12.0 — 15th January '18

Singer Vehicle Design are an L.A. based company that specialise in reimagining the Porsche 911, restoring them to their former glory and then some. Their mission statement is simple and the best way to describe their approach is to think of it as a collaboration between them and their client:

each vehicle is a truly unique and bespoke commission

Petrolicious featured Singer's 28th commission (the Indiana) in their Made to Drive series. The owner sourced his own Porsche, shipping it to Singer and the car is certainly special to him.

They're now up to 58 commissions and they're all stunning. My first introduction to Singer was back in 2013 when Jay Leno featured a 1991 Porsche 911 in his web series Jay Leno's Garage:

Singer offer 75 colours to choose as well as a whole lot of options for the interior.

You can find Singer on Instagram where they regularly showcase their latest commissions.


Back in November 2017, Car News 24h featured a 500HP Porsche 911 put together by Singer and Williams, of which only 65 will be built.

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