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Week 13.0 — 22nd January '18

Neal Agarwal's Every Second project visualizes the transactions and wealth accumulated by the big brands as each second of the day ticks by. Just pick a brand and watch as the numbers get mesmerisingly larger with alarming speed.


What I find most interesting about Apple's numbers is the comparison of number of app downloads vs music downloads. A market that has only been around ~9 years clearly outpaces one that has been around for double that. Don't forget that iTunes and the iPod were at the heart of Apple's recovery and rise long before the iPhone was in our hands.

Facebook likes vs YouTube uploads
Facebook likes vs YouTube uploads

It's astounding that content is uploaded to YouTube almost as fast as people are liking things on Facebook. And who knew a hamster's heart worked so hard to push blood around such a small body?!

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 13.1 – Monday
    1. Kidrobot's 90's Nickelodeon Mini Series kidrobot.com
    2. Jonathan Pie on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump's presidency BBC Three on twitter.com
    3. Early Man trailer trailers.apple.com
    4. Last Week Tonight Season 5 trailer LastWeekTonight on youtube.com
  2. 13.2 – Tuesday
    1. Trevor Noah turns Donald Trump's words into a bad reggae song The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on youtube.com
    2. Epic Meal Time's 250lb Oreo Epic Meal Time on youtube.com
    3. Google Talk Saturday Night Live on youtube.com
    4. Diesel Mr. Daddy Watch theawesomer.com
  3. 13.3 – Wednesday
    1. Vintage movie posters are being digitized kottke.org
    2. How London might have looked telegraph.co.uk
    3. The Prince that's shaking up Saudi Arabia Vox on youtube.com
    4. The Mash Report: How NOT to sexually harass someone BBC on youtube.com
  4. 13.4 – Thursday
    1. Seven Seconds official trailer Netflix on youtube.com
    2. INK Plain Body Prints blessthisstuff.com
    3. Goalkeeper scores goal from his own half bbc.co.uk
    4. NES games in JavaScript jsnes.fir.sh
  5. 13.5 – Friday
    1. In 100 Texts by Victoria Mapplebeck The Atlantic on youtube.com
    2. Whopper Neutrality Burger King on youtube.com
  6. 13.6 – Saturday
    1. The Boring Company Flamethrower coolmaterial.com

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