40 insights from my 40 years

Week 315 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-11-06.

Yes, I turned 40 this week. That number still seems like it should be so far away in my head, but here we are are my 40th trip around the sun.

To celebrate, here’s a list of 40 insights, beliefs, thoughts and, hopefully, bits of inspiration from my life so far. I think I've learnt a lot along the way, I know how I choose to look at and live life. There are also some things that I still strive for, and I'll get there eventually.

40 insights from my 40 years:

  1. Be kind
  2. Treat others how you want to be treated
  3. When you can be proactive, be proactive! See it as a gift for future you (and others)
  4. Sleep on big purchases
  5. Doing it right is better than doing it fast
  6. Economy > speed
  7. Learn the basics, often they'll get you half way there
  8. Buy socks and shoes that fit, even if they’re bigger than you'd like
  9. Do what you love
  10. Don't let go of your creative side
  11. Embrace other cultures
  12. Gamify your life (health, fitness, good habits)
  13. Be replaceable in your job
  14. Recognise when it’s time to move on
  15. Empathy is underrated
  16. It's OK to remind yourself that "you’ve got this!"
  17. Sing along to songs like no one's watching
  18. Protect your team from distractions, internal politics and noise
  19. Treat other teams as an extension of your own, don't make them feel like they're downstream
  20. Be positive
  21. Smile lots
  22. Laugh often
  23. You don't need to be an early adopter
  24. Try new things
  25. Forgive easily
  26. Sugar is evil (but delicious)
  27. Try making your own pizza dough
  28. Learn basic coding skills
  29. Automate repetitive tasks
  30. Don’t give up
  31. Have fun when playing sports
  32. Don’t take everything too seriously
  33. Not everyone has the time to read the manual
  34. Keep it simple, stupid
  35. You don't always have to respond
  36. Appreciate everything you're given
  37. Own a good set of screwdrivers, a drill and a hammer
  38. Backup, backup, backup
  39. Shoot wide open and with as much detail as you can
  40. Edit and cull your photos

Thanks to al the well wishes, here’s to another 40! 🍻

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