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6 Years of 1 Thing A Week

Week 314.0 — 30th October '23

Blowing past any expections I had for myself, today marks exactly 6 years since the first post on 1 Thing A Week. Six years of posting something each and every week.

In that time, there have been:

  • 313 articles, this is the 314th
  • 3,121 notable items

That's a lot of content I've shared and it's largely been a joy to do so. I have no plans of letting up, but I am spending some of my time slowly reworking the layout. Ultimately it will all become a little simpler which is probably for the best. Content will be front and centre, if nothing else.

Whether this is your first time here or you're a seasoned reader, thanks for reading and I'll get back to some more regular posts in the near future.

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 314.3 – Wednesday
    1. This map shows the 50 countries in the world where you can (mostly) drink the tap water kottke.org
    2. Nile Rodgers & CHIC Tiny Desk Concert NPR Music on youtube.com

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