1 Thing A Week x SkeletonCSS

Week 311 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-10-09.

I've decided to put some time into turning 1 Thing A Week into a more blog friendly format where the homepage is a collection of what's available rather than the sole focus for the week. I like the current format but it needs freshening up.

I've been working on SkeletonCSS for a while now and think it's at a point where I can actually use it to flesh out a whole site with it.

For now I'll be focusing on a few details, like making sure blockquotes and tables format correctly in SkeletonCSS, and then I'll slowly transition it all in the background before a big bang at some point in the future.

My goal is to complete it all by the end of the year, but 1 Thing A Week is actually a fairly complex because of how posts and notable items intermix so that needs a review too so that I don't loose sight of the purpose of each.

In the mean time, I'll still be posting weekly, but wanted to publicly make this statement so that I actually get on with the work!

Tags: 1 Thing A Week, skeletoncss

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