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UK Plugs Are The Best

Week 313.0 — 26th October '23

I'm a little late with this week's post as I was away for a few days. While I was away I was constantly reminded of this video by Tom Scott:

I'm not a full on nationalist or anything, but this is one aspect where it truly feels like the rest of the world got it wrong when compared to the UK. In our hotel, the native EU plugs for chargers rarely felt secure, only the fattest of plugs fit snuggly in dedicated sockets but not all were recessed meaning it always felt a little precarious. I'm used to easily and securely plugging things into a socket with no worry about it coming free except for real and intentional force making it happen. It doesn't always feel like that with EU plugs.

One charger used a full sized adapter that fitted into the recessed socket perfectly and gave a lot more security but it only had one outlet.

You could argue it's the fault of the product, not the socket, but again, I don't ever have this problem at home.

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