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Who Is America?

Week 40.0 — 30th July '18

Showtime have given Sacha Baron Cohen the opportunity to do what he does best and Who Is America? does not disappoint. The videos they published on YouTube have had millions of views already thanks to their outrageous nature... but in reality we shouldn't be shocked by how dispicible the people featured are. Their morals are often absent and their motives disgusting.

This extended look gives a good insight into what the show is about but there's even more to it, with Sacha Baron Cohen taking on 4 personalities across each episode.

As I tweeted last week, the lobbyists can only be considered terrorists now. And then there's a art gallery scene ???? - all in episode one. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of what the show has to offer while being fully prepared for having my blood boil.

A tweet that caught my eye today on the theme of gun lobbyists was this:

It's insane that any culture would advocate the use of guns by their citizens (let alone children), but to believe blindly that it's a god given right and it's not just the well established pattern of school attendance that takes all the credit for the drop in school shootings is almost a step beyond insanity.

End rant.

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