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Bringing some positivity to my news cycle in 2020

Week 115 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2020-01-06.

It must be pretty freeing blindly following someone like Boris Johnson or Donald Trump and being able to believe everything they come out with. Neither are for me and I'm finding the political atmosphere to be very toxic at the moment. Last month was eye opening, my social media was very pro-Labour so it was so disappointing to see such a heavy loss.

The world is being shaped in completely the opposite way I would have liked to see and I really do find it hard to believe that the district I live in saw Boris Johnson as anything other than a liar and someone who is only out for himself.

Nothing I can do about that now, but what I have been doing is looking for more positive news over the past few weeks and it's really lifted my faith in humanity.

The two resources I've found are Beautiful News and The Happy Broadcast. I've shared a couple of notable items from the former and I've been enjoying the output from both for a while.

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Both really are worth a follow, if only to give yourself a break from all that is wrong with the world.

Cover photo by Branden Harvey on Unsplash.

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