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Week 20.0 — 12th March '18

Every Thursday through 2017, Philip Lück published an infinite loop animations on his Behance page. The animations were created using Cinema 4D and here we take a look at some of my favourites:

Infinite loop by Philip Lück Infinite loop by Philip Lück Infinite loop by Philip Lück Infinite loop by Philip Lück

Lück also put together a compilation of all the animations:

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Quick links and commentary on interesting articles, videos and more throughout the week.

  1. 20.1 – Monday
    1. Wanle Game Boy iPhone case hypebeast.com
    2. Ultimate Expedition vlogs JusVlogs on youtube.com
    3. How Bento Boxes are made BuzzFeedVideo on youtube.com
  2. 20.2 – Tuesday
    1. The Light Phone 2 Light on indiegogo.com
    2. Alec Baldwin on his Twitter feud with Donald Trump The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on youtube.com
  3. 20.3 – Wednesday
    1. Photos of the 2018 Winter Paralympics theatlantic.com
    2. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU trailer Annapurna on youtube.com
    3. Yosemite Project Yosemite on vimeo.com
    4. Rainbow waterfall UNILAD on facebook.com
    5. Melted whiskey glass $ shop.coolmaterial.com
    6. Dear Dictator trailer trailers.apple.com
  4. 20.4 – Thursday
    1. Fitbit Versa thenextweb.com
    2. Humble + 80s Indian dance video synced Halley on youtube.com
    3. Jupiter's surface in black and white herowyn.tumblr.com
    4. Aurora Borealis in 8K kottke.org
    5. Students walkout to protest against gun violence theatlantic.com
    6. 10 craft whiskeys you have to try coolmaterial.com
    7. Villains rule the roost Robert Jones on youtube.com
  5. 20.5 – Friday
    1. Surfing Norway in sub-zero temperatures theatlantic.com
    2. The Rolex that could fetch $3,000,000 for charity coolmaterial.com
    3. The genius of the London Tube Map TED on youtube.com
    4. Like a (wo)man without a country kottke.org
    5. People's reactions to looking at the Moon through a telescope kottke.org
    6. The official Scrabble keyboard theawesomer.com
  6. 20.6 – Saturday
    1. How a sprinkler works aloofloofah on reddit.com
    2. Aerial view of New York City m.imgur.com

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