The RE.UNIQLO Studio is incredible

Week 340 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-04-29.

Following my post earlier this month on how my selvedge denim was dong after 23 weeks of wear, I had an opportunity to drop my jeans off at RE.UNIQLO at one of Uniqlo's Regent Street stores. I wasn't holding out a lot of hope, as I hadn't given the attention they need soon enough.

The last photo I shared on Twitter didn't provide a good enough look at how they had deteriorated around the crutch. Each leg now had a hold that I had badly stitched up. It was good enough for a while, but didn't last.

I know the title of this post gives it away, but the results of the repairs are incredible. Truly incredible. When I first took the jeans out of the bag to have a look, I actually couldn't tell where exactly the repair was. It took a few seconds to start to see the threads but given the difference in colour across the jeans it's all been matched very well.

Photo of the crutch area of some jeans that have been paired with colour-matched stitching on the worn part of the denim

If you do invest in a pair of selvedge denim, then I'd recommend Uniqlo's even more than before if you can get to a store where they do repairs. I expect mine will last another year at least now and with the knowledge of how effective the RE.UNIQLO Studio is, I'll be keeping a closer eye on my new pair and getting them sorted long before they become a problem.

I'll post an update to the Twitter thread in a few months on how it's all coming along, but having the choice between two different finishes is a really nice aspect of this process.

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