Selvedge Denim Update

Week 337 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-04-08.

Almost two years ago, I wrote about selvedge denim. At the time, I had just brought a fresh new pair of jeans that needed breaking in.

I didn't do anything extreme with them, just wore them quite a bit over the past two years. They've got great whiskers and signs of wear. Unfortunately the inner-thigh area has deteriorated to the point where they're in need of professional repair and I have just taken in a new pair.

I've settled on Uniqlo as the reasonably prices source and they hold up pretty well day to day. This is what they look like after 23 months of wear:

Failed with the monthly updates but this is what they look like 23 months in. New pair arrived today but going to wash those and start again… but also see if I can get these repaired so they live on for a bit longer.

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I plan to get my 'old' pair repaired as RE:Uniqlo Studios are a thing where you can take your items to bring them back to life.

Nudie Jeans have a similar program and so do British jeans maker, Hiut Denim.

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