I should use my DSLR more

Week 338 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-04-15.

For context, here's the first photo I took of a tulip back in 2016. The angle isn't great, but best I could do to avoid a terrible background. Composition is still something I need to work on a lot, but while it has lots of bokeh and a shallow depth of field, I wouldn't say it was the best photo of a tulip.

Photo of a single tulip flower, close up with lots of bokeh. Only the opening of the tulip is in focus, the shallow depth of field means most of the photo is blurry.

Fast forward 8 years and this is my latest photo of a tulip. Taken at Keukenhof, the displays were beautiful and I really enjoyed photographing with my 'proper' camera. Or big camera, as the kids call it.

Photo of a lot of tulips in various colours, a pink tulip is in focus with a lot of bokeh on the flowers in the distance

Post-COVID, we've been venturing out more and I do take my Canon with me, but I should reach for it more often.

Over on Flickr, you can see a very small selection of photos from our more recent trips to Amsterdam, Rome, Liverpool and Bristol. Another thing I should make more use of.

Tags: photography

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