Impromptu trip to see a Liverpool match

Week 341 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-05-10.

I've just shared a very small album on Flickr, some photos on Instagram and a compilation video on YouTube of our completely unexpected trip up to see a Liverpool match.

We found out we had 2 tickets to go on Friday, with the match on Sunday afternoon. Bit of a panic on deciding how and when to travel and then booking a hotel but we got it sorted and left early Sunday to make it with plenty of time to spare.

My first trip to Anfield to see Liverpool was fun but neglected is how I would sum up the Anfield area. So much has changed as the ground has been redeveloped which is great to see.

Liverpool won 4-2, and most importantly, my Son got to see his favourite player score. Harvey Elliott with an absolutely brilliant goal at the Kop end, right in front of where we were sitting in the Main Stand.

It's been tough trying to find tickets the past few months. I'd been wanting to go anyway to see one last game under Klopp but it felt impossible and then out of nowhere these came up so jumped at the chance. Cannot wait for the next game we get to go to now!

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