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Week 288 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-05-02.

This past week, Good Gear Club hit a milestone of 100 items. While the website has nothing of it's own for sale, it's more of a collection of items I find from browsing the web that I think make the cut as 'good gear'.

From clothing to all sorts of ornaments, the biggest surprise has been the number of watches I've ended up featuring. So many so that I've had to create a watch category!

The site launched in isolation to all of the other projects I've worked to build up, but in reality it is probably the spiritual replacement for the market here on 1 Thing A Week, that I've not really kept up any traction with. I soft launched the site in November and a few weeks later, I used my (almost) annual gift guide to announce it to the world for real.

What's next for Good Gear Club?

The logo had a bit of a clean up in recent weeks and as I've come to look at evolving the home page, I now need to re-do the CSS for the site. There are some aspects that need a tweak and I think I'm at the point where I should split my CSS to be modular and convert all of my SASS variables to CSS variables and do the math on the fly where needed. CSS is moving fast and it's time to start keeping up.

I have a small bank of content that I need to build up and I may stagger posts further apart. My aim is quality over quantity and I want to keep the momentum going for as long as possible.

Happy Birthday, Sitejoy

Oh and, Sitejoy's is about to celebrate it's third birthday. I need to get back to posting more inspiring websites there, but there are already over 1,200 to enjoy so again, I'd rather go for quality over quantity at this point.

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