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More adventures with ChatGPT ChatGPT is a useful tool, but you should always come with a bit of context and validate the results

Week 289.0 — 8th May '23

I'm really just scratching the surface at the moment, but having come across more prompts for various AI tools, I have turned to ChatGPT more than a few times now rather than going via Google to then try and decipher the answer from one or more results.

Specifically, by setting 'our' roles in the conversation you can get more nuanced or focused answers straight away. The context is quite important, we've seen that you can get various flavours of these AI tools to behave badly. I think I'll continue to use it all sparingly and more when I need to bounce some thoughts around rather than for a direct search. It's worth pointing out that you do sometimes need to validate answers. They might be good enough to take as they are and give them a go but if you're planning on including the output into something more formal, or anywhere important, then a little bit of extra research might help.

I am looking forward to Google Docs getting more AI powers in the coming months. Seems to be US only at the moment, but it could be a massive time saver for getting document outlines ready meaning I can focus on the details.

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