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Please, Apple, bring retouching to Photos.app

Week 301.0 — 31st July '23

It's really the only feature missing from the iOS and iPadOS Photos app when editing photos and the only feature I covet from the Google's photo ecosystem.

Yes, I can jump into Pixelmator and take care of it, but that always feels like a terrible workflow and I couldn't tell you right now if that means space is taken up by a copy of the photo for that purpose even if the original is overwritten.

Despite mourning the loss of Aperture on the newer versions of macOS, I have made piece with editing photos on my iPhone and/or iPad. That includes photos taken on a DSLR, my philosophy is to just ruthlessly cull and then edit the photos I take.

So please, Apple, make it so! It's my only wish for iOS 17 at this point and given how well on-device recognition is, I would hope it's a feature that trickles down to older devices.

The cover photo (edits on a Mac in Aperture back in 2016) can be found on Flickr.

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