My Recent Media Diet (August 2023)

Week 302 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-08-07.

Inspired by Jason Kottke, I thought it was worth periodically sharing the content that I've been consuming and watching. I'll even follow the same format of grading from A to F.

If nothing else, it might help me get back to reading books!


Oppenheimer (A)

It's length was not a problem at all, there wasn't a dull moment. What struck me most though, even while watching it, was the burden anyone who worked on the Manhattan Project must have felt not only when the bomb was dropped, but when they had calculated the number of deaths or at the first test.

Small spoiler

the movie made it out that the test was celebrated.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (A)

I reviewed ATSV when I saw it. It's such a feast for the eyes and one I'm glad I saw on the big screen having seen Into The Spider-Verse at home.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie (B)

Plenty of jokes that I got the kids didn't, but that didn't ruin their enjoyment of the movie at all. I'm not a super fan of the Mario Bros. franchise but it was among the first video games I played and the call backs to the NES and SNES era.

I don't think my kids have played a single Mario game and they thoroughly enjoyed the movie. At 92 minutes it was long enough. Even though months have passed, the Peaches song is stuck in our minds!

We Have A Ghost (C)

Has its moments where it musters a laugh and David Harbour is good as the ghost without a voice. Worth a watch.

Fall (B)

Even though some of the story was spoiled because we saw clips on Gogglebox, it's still a gripping film that had us holding our breaths while we watched!

Everything Everywhere All At Once (B)

Ke Huy Quan is great in this, I was a huge fan of him in The Goonies and Indiana Jones so I am so happy to see his renaissance as an actor. A nice take on the multiverse theory.

Jojo Rabbit (B)

Brilliantly done. Some funny moments, and some heartfelt ones too. Taika Waititi is brilliant as Adolf Hitler.


The 6th Commandment (B)

This series tells a true story that makes it a little difficult to watch.

Survival of the Thickest (B)

So much fun in this show fromMichelle Buteau about a larger girl and her rise after her relationship breaks up..

Hijack (C)

Someone asked me about how I found it watching it weekly. It was good, gripping even, but when I thought back to the episodes we'd seen at the time it was effectively the same story each time. Still gripping and lots of twists and turns to enjoy.

I'm a Virgo (C)

Literally about a 13"-tall black man and the struggles that might bring with it. I was looking forward to it, thought it was good but far more random than I thought it would be (despite the premise).

Platonic (B)

Felt like a unique take on the dynamic between those with a family and those without. We looked forward to every episode each week. A good cast and lots of fun.

Severance (C)

While I enjoyed it, Severance could have been half the episodes and told the same story. Still looking forward to season 2

Hello, Tomorrow (C)

Also really enjoyed this, but it was also slow. Also felt a bit... steampunk? Retro, but futuristic. Good, but not great.

Ted Lasso (A)

I loved Ted Lasso. One of my favourite shows of recent times. We needed his optimism at the time and the story was well told all the way to the end.

I'd love to see more of Ted, or to see how the story could move on.

Count Abdulla (C)

Completely random and watchable. Not compulsory viewing by any means, but an interesting story about a muslim vampire.

Bobby (A)

Essential viewing for Liverpool fans, celebrating Bobby Firmino's time at Liverpool FC. What a player. I haven't smiled this much in ages thinking about how much fun and freedom he brought to the club.


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