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Week 155 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2020-10-12.

Ted Lasso was a real surprise for me, I was familiar with the character but I had no idea how they would pull off an entire season of an American coach coming over to the UK to lead a Premier League (Prum-eer?) team.

Turns out they could pull it off and do it really well. As a football fan there were a few things that stuck out but nothing that detracts from the overall storytelling.

It's an Apple TV+ show, so you may struggle to watch it but if you have access I highly recommend it. Ted's positivity is infectious and something that's sorely lacking in the world which I'm sure is one of the reasons it's been received so well. Something that was actually discussed on this week's episode of The Talk Show.

Bill Lawrence had this to say about the feedback he's had:

Thank you all, sincerely. Even those of you that remain “shocked that it doesn’t suck”. That’s always my favorite. Still, I reserve the biggest “thanks” for the people I got to work with - it was such a gift for me. Starting with our leader @jasonsudeikis, @brendanhunting (BEARD)

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While Bill may be behind one of my favourite shows of all time, I didn't know he was behind this until after I'd seen the first episode and like I said, I had little confidence in this working but I'm so glad it did and it's great to know it was renewed for a second season.


I loved all three seasons of Ted Lasso, it was a really good show and the feel good storyline we all needed coming out of the pandemic and during the Trump/Brexit years.

Spoilers ahead

The only think that irked me was the way Manchester City were treated with so much respect. Another example of sportswashing, where we just take their position at face value and discard everything that has caused a silly amount of dominance from a team that can throw any amount of money, no matter where it came from.

Chelsea's first Champions League was unwelcome and still annoys me that they have any to their name, but now Manchester City have theirs and I would be surprised if Newcastle don't make it a hat-trick of bought titles.

Pep Guardiola's cameo was really tacky, however their eventual win in the show was just a re-run of the previous seasons.

Anyway, back to the show... I hope there's more to come even if it's without Ted at the helm.


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