Embossing ambitions

Week 335 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-03-30.

I have had a bit of a tough week (I might write about it at some point) so posting this pretty late on to keep the streak going.

Quite a while ago I came across this video about a rubber stamp shop in NYC, which looks like it's still going and it's somewhere I would love to visit.

My dad owned a whole load of printing equipment as a side hustle. I always wanted the paper and the inks, but wasn't that interested in the mechanics of it all, however I have some lofty ambitions to create some embossed artwork and I just don't know where to start.

The video gives me an idea on how I might create a print at least, but the embossing either looks expensive or impossible at the sizes I'm thinking.

Watch this space!


I've been putting some thought into my embossing project and have a pretty solid (if niche) idea on what to create. I'm part way through the printing side, but need to figure out how and where to apply embossing on the finished article.

I also need to look at getting some more rag paper*, something I discovered via one of James Popsys' videos. Prints on this type of paper do come out looking amazing.

* I earn comission on Amazon links.

Tags: art, printing

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