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Week 334 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-03-18.

Every now and then, a new web app in the vein of Wordle comes along. On and off for a while now I've been playing Football Grid, a game where you guess the 9 different players who have played for a combination of two clubs or a club and a specific country.

I wanted to tweet a suggestion, only to find out the account had an app in the app store and I went to take a look.

Momento is a sports scrapbook that helps you keep track of the various games you have attended as a fan.

From the few searches I tried, recent games aren't a problem but their service lets you add in missing matches.

The first game I attended was a FA Cup replay between Chelsea and Manchester United, so I was able to submit that (with evidence of the fixture occurring from YouTube) and it generated a ticket for me. Wasn't a problem finding my first game at Anfield or the Liverpool vs Barcelona friendly I saw at Wembley.

3 screenshots of 'tickets' from the Momento app that have been stitched together to make a collage of tickets

Above are the tickets for those three games. I've added all the games I've been to and now have the bug to add more. One is already booked and I hope to get to at least one more this year.

The app even lets you contribute your own photos to your ticket of the the event or to customise the artwork that appears on the ticket. It's just a really well thought out app.

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