Cities at similar latitudes

Week 333 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-03-11.

Something I had long planned to look into was cities of at a similar latitude because it always surprises me when I stumble across the fact that New York is closer in latitude to where the Mediterranean is rather than somewhere like London. Given New York gets snow I would have expected it to be higher than it is. This tweet made me want to finally take a look at it:

It makes sense when you realize that Europe is closer in latitude to Canada. Florida is as far south as Egypt. That said, Canadians use 800 kWh so they're still higher than the Europeans on that list.

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Starting north and heading south and grouped into 20 equally sized buckets, here are some cities that roughly line up in latitude. How many surprise you?

For me, it makes no sense that New York would live in the same 9ยบ band of latitude as Las Vegas or Rome. Or that Hong Kind would be that close in latitude to Senegal or parts of India.

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