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TRUCKLA: The first Tesla Pickup Truck to hit the road

Week 88.0 — 1st July '19

The TL;DR Simone Giertz built and then created a commercial for a Tesla Model 3 that she converted into a the world's first Tesla pickup truck:

How the TRUCKLA came to be

A project derailed due to a well publicised brain tumour and multiple operations, Simone finally assembled a team to convert a brand new Tesla Model 3 into a pick up truck. It’s a format that Tesla will be turning their attention too but without a deadline she took the matter into her own hands.

Once the lines to be cut had been confirmed, breaking a single pillar changed the composition of the car and they had to change how they were supporting it to be able to continue the project. Once the roll bars were in and everything else in place, it was no longer an issue.

Interestingly, the transformation might have actually improved rear visibility for the driver.

Tesla Pickup's Competition

Tesla's Pickup isn't far off being revealed, but bar Tesla's own Semi, there's not been much competition for more commercial vehicles. Rivian look like they might off just that, especially when they're looking at features like vehicle-to-vehicle charging.

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