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Week 152.0 — 21st September '20

I've wanted to be a little more active on Twitter but do I have anything interesting to say. Much like 1 Thing A Week, its really about finding that topic you have an interest in. For me, this week it was something related to SITEJOY, resources I look at for inspiration and discovery of more fast and responsive websites.

So I put together a short thread on the sites I subscribe to in Feedly. I think these resources are very good and they've always given me a little bit of envy. A bit less now that SITEJOY exists.

The tweets

CSS gradients and iOS 14 widgets

This little thread then gave me enough of a push to go on to do two more. One on a great technique for better blending with CSS gradients and another on iOS 14's widgets which have been a bit hit and miss for me.

While I've tweeted like this in the past, I've not really done it consistently. I'm going to try and put together a thread a week on Twitter for a while. I'll try a bunch of topics and see how I get on.

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