Generating art using the AI Art Machine

Week 221 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-01-17.

Can AI generate art? the AI Art Machine attempts to do just that. It takes your prompt and attempts to generate some art for you.

I tried with a few different prompts, leaving the other settings as they were and this is what I got back:

AI Art Generator: honolulu

Hawaii is one of my favourite places in the world so not surprising that I'd pick to generate some art about this area of the world. Rather than giving a broad topic though, I specified a specific area of O'ahu that I'd like to see it trying it create something for.

art generated by the AI Art Machine for the term 'honolulu'

Not bad actually... I would guess what looks like a ship is there because of Pearl Harbour and not sure if there's an active volcano on that particular island. The floating mountain range in the sky is odd but also fitting.

AI Art Generator: code

I've been working in web development since 2005 so again, so another term that has been been of my last for a significant amount of time.

art generated by the AI Art Machine for the term 'code'

Seems like it was inspired by anime and has some Matrix vibes. But pretty cool.

AI Art Generator: italy

Italy is another place I'm pretty fond of. Fantastic food and weather whenever I've been and they play some good football too.

art generated by the AI Art Machine for the term 'italy'

I don't like this because it looks more like somewhere in the English countryside rather than anywhere I'd associate with Italy. It's not a bad picture but it is way off.

AI Art Generator: world cup

Lastly, a football related topic. Something specific but hopefully broad enough to generate something interesting.

art generated by the AI Art Machine for the term 'world cup'

The first render was yellow instantly make me think of Brazil but this turned into a depiction of a poorly kept football pitch instead. I assumed it would lean towards football (soccer) as the dominant sport with a World Cup and it lived up to that expectation.

It's really interesting to see what comes out of a tool like this. I might revisit and dig it into the types of bias a tool like this might have. I wonder if I use a term like 'president' or 'leader', what it might come up with for example.

Tags: ai, art

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