Two things Apple need to fix in Spaces for macOS

It's a feature I was late to use but that's mostly down to two major issues I have with it

Week 222 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-01-24.

Admittedly, my biggest pet-peeve with Spaces in macOS is solved via a setting in macOS Monterey. Not being able to see the time when using a full-screen app is infuriating. I have a clock in my home office above my monitor just because of this.

Thanks to a software update I can fix this annoyance but I've bene holding off for two reasons. Firstly, my work laptop can't be out of action so I've been putting it off. In the coming weeks I'm sure I'll end up making the leap over to the latest OS. The second reason is that my personal laptop is no longer eligible for software updates. I don't full-screen apps on my personal laptop often but it does happen and the time just disappears.

The second issue I have with Spaces is that they only work in landscape mode. Given Apple sell the Pro Display XDR and it can be adjusted to be seen vertically (portrait), you'd think that they'd foresee a situation where a couple of stacked items could be really useful.

This can be achieved with a third party tool, but then you loose the context of a genuine two-app Space in macOS.

Thankfully my first grumble is addressed in macOS Monterey, I really hope we get the option to have vertical Spaces in macOS at some point too.


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