2024 Resolution Progress

Week 350 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-07-11.

I posted a small set of resolutions for the year, so let's check in and see how I've been getting on.

Am I reading more?

The real question to ask is if I'm reading at all. In a word, no. I really need to kick this one into gear, all my reading is online these days. I really need to pick up a book (even if it's digital) and dive into something.

Attended any matches?

Yes! Three in fact! My first game of the year was to see Arsenal host Porto in the Champions League, the second was to see England play Belgium at Wembley and then in May we unexpectedly got two tickets to see Liverpool play Tottenham at Anfield. That tops anything else we might get to for the year already. Next up on my list is another England game, but ideally an afternoon one so we can all go together. The late kick offs mean we don't get home until midnight so being able to get to one and get home at a reasonable time would be great.

There's also the option of seeing the England Women's team but they're not always at Wembley and similarly timed. But yeah, I am hoping to see at least one more game this year!

Tags: resolution

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