Behind on learning modern CSS

Week 349 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2024-07-03.

I am so behind on getting up to speed with modern CSS this year. It continues to move at an impressive pace, especially when compared to how slowly it seemed to move in the previous two decades! But I've barely written a line of CSS at all this year if I'm honest, at least nothing much more than figuring out a few things with CSS grid.

But I have some ideas now in my mind for how I might make use of scroll driven animations, so watch this space!

View transitions are approaching 75% availability while scroll timelines aren't quite there yet... but they're coming which is really exciting.

With grid, I need to figure out sizing elements. I have manages to build out some interesting grids but having to fall back on background images as the img element seems to break out of the rows I've tried to set.

Tags: css

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