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I thought I knew HTML pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn

Week 178.0 — 22nd March '21

Since the turn of the year I've been switching up how I use Twitter quite a bit. I've started engaging more and have started swapping out football based accounts for once that focus more on some aspect of web and app development.

In hindsight it's how I should have used Twitter all along, but I stubbornly made use of the 'latest' sorting order rather than allowing the algorithm to dictate my feed. The main driver for that choice was so that it was easier to follow how a match was unfolding in real time.

One of the nicest bits about engaging more has been discovering so much more about things I thought I knew pretty well. I've discovered a load of tips on CSS and JavaScript but the most surprising have been around HTML.

There was even one case in which I could share my own experiences, which was satisfying in it's own way.

There's also Dev, where I've made a more conscious effort to engage when I can for well over a year now. Just recently I've been able to comment twice, once on a HTML attribute I didn't know you could use and on how the :is() function in CSS works, but it's cross-browser compatible yet.

A change of focus, across the board

Having switched up how I use Twitter, I'm also thinking about switching up how I use 1 Thing A Week. I'm still committed to doing a weekly post, but I'm thinking of switching to a more learning based approach.

Given I don't actually know as much as I thought I did about HTML, perhaps that's a good place to start and over the coming weeks I'll start a new series of posts on how to use various HTML tags and attributes.

These posts will be accompanied with a tweet in some shape or form and I'll be cross posting to Dev too.

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