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1375 CodePens that show what can be achieved with just CSS
172How to build a pure CSS accordion
173Using HTML's details tag
175My daughter built her first website
178I thought I knew HTML pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn
199How to use mailto links and the different properties available
204Did you know you can send a SMS from HTML?
205Why I can't wait for the :has() pseudo-class in CSS
220Finally, :has() is here!
223Do websites really need a skip to content link?
251Am I using the DATASET element wrong?
281Does anyone still use HTML Image Maps?
287Shouldn't the DOM evolve to be more accessible?
290HTML view transitions are on the way
294What's coming to Safari 17?
326The Indie Web should be easier
330Revisiting the world of DHTML in 2024
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