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Wealth Inequality

Week 282.0 — 20th March '23

A short post from me this week, but this conversation between Bernie Sanders and Russell Howard highlights lots about wealth inequality.

It's probably one of those topics I don't pay enough attention to. Or I just can't comprehend the vast amounts of money that are talked about when you look at people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Some more viewing on the topic that might interest you:

The last video touches on Universal Basic Income, which always sounds like a no-brainer to me whenever the topic comes up as does the 4-day work weeks.


I knew I had linked to something related to the topic but couldn't find it in the archive but just happened to stumble across it today. It was a post about the residents in a part of upstate New York who were each getting $500 a month and what difference it made to them. Basically it's Universal Basic Income.

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