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Thoughts on Boris Johnson's 'Stay Alert' briefing Confusion, confusion, confusion.

Week 133.0 — 11th May '20

It was one of the more coherent appearances from Boris Johnson I’ve seen and yet it only yielded more confusion. An unnecessary change to the government's communication, it caused a lot of parody before the broadcast and even more since.

As a parent, the news that some kids can return to school was sickening. It doesn’t sit well with me and it’s even worse that one of my kids will be eligible to be back at school while the rest stay home until September. There's an active petition for parents to be able to choose if they send their child back or not. It has around 300,000 signatures at the moment and it's growing fast.

As someone who can work from home, nothing changes for me at the moment but it will change for a a lot of people and if any of them are parents I really feel for them.

My prediction for what will unfold as this month plays out: We’ll see R fall and more restrictions lifted. We’ll then start to see new infections on the rise. Deaths too. And we get a second spike.

It’s as predictable as it is depressing.

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