How do you track what to watch next?

Week 276 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-02-06.

In this age of a million streaming services, I'm intrigued to know how people track what they want to watch.

The Apple TV app promises to combine your content, but we rarely use it as the launch pad. Admittedly our 'watch next' list is polluted by the kids' content. They don't have their own Apple accounts or profiles to switch to and our remote makes that impossible anyway.

Beyond that, the bigger problem is that each app/service has their own watchlist. If they aggregated into a single source then it would all be very easy but nothing has come close to the Sky HD planner. I often think that it was brilliant at what it did but only recently realised all of our content was consumed through that one device at one point in time. With so much disparity it feels impossible to keep on top of.

I've thought about a Trello board, spreadsheets or even our own household app where we add content and prioritise it there.

I really shouldn't need to do that.

I have two options that I will be looking at for the short term:

  1. Go through the different services and consolidate the content I've marked to 'watch later' in the Apple TV app
  2. Find a way to switch profiles on the Apple TV

The first is the most realistic and currently possible, the second would be a good thing to do but without the first being solved I'll have to make it a regular job to bring all the data together in a central place.

So my open question to anyone reading, how are you consolidating your unwatched content and tracking what you should watch next?

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