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With Amazon and Netflix challenging our viewing habits with great success, it was a surprise move from traditional TV to a streaming service that saw the original cast of Top Gear take their show on the road. The Grand Tour featured a more obviously scripted take on challenges but as ever an excellent look at some of the most beautiful cars around. The moving studio was a novelty and this time they'll be rooted the Cotswolds. Not as exciting for fans around the world, but one less gimmick to contend with from show to show.

In reality, the format isn't really any different to what we became used to over from 22 seasons and the familiarity was welcome. Top Gear arguably tried to change too much but already have two series without Clarkson under the helm and having reigned some of the changes in, the second series was far more fun than the first.

If it's more of the same that you're after then you'll be in luck as the format moves even closer to the 'original' Top Gear formula with celebrities added back into the mix and they've even teased a new test driver with Mark Webber, a reformed car thief and a stunt driver auditioning to replace 'The American' who was always a weird choice as the replacement for The Stig.

Cars, cars, cars

We can expect the best of the best and the teasers and trailers have already revealed that we'll see the best on offer from Honda, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes and McLaren.

If you haven't seen the first season but have Amazon Prime, catch up and you'll be able to stream the first episode of The Grand Tour season 2 from Saturday the 8th December.


Abbie Eaton was "revealed" as the new racing driver for the show, although oddly her name was only revealed through the show's credits. The promos for season 2 had some focus on who the new driver would be but there was no big reveal in episode one, the above clip came in episode two.

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