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The 50 Best Superhero Movies Of All Time

Week 5.0 — 27th November '17

The Ringer have put together a list of the 50 best superhero movies and it's stunning. While you may not agree with the rankings you cannot argue that this microsite hasn't been lovingly put together. The criteria for ranking is simple but effective, combining the following four criteria:

  • Critical Success
  • Box Office Performance
  • Rewatchability
  • Timelessness

There's clear criteria, good analysis and fun facts throughout and their analysis for the best villians is particularly good.

Looking back over movies is always fun and ranking them is tough. I know my own criteria would not reveal anything like the top 10 they resulted in. In fact it wouldn't even be anywhere close apart from the #1 spot.

What I like about The Ringer's take on it is their analysis for each movie. It's not the same formula for each, but a varied formula for each that really brings out something about each of the movies discussed. I've hidden the fina ranking, but take a look at their take on Deadpool:

The Ringer on Deadpool

One thing that did suprise me and I almost found myself having a real issue with was how high Spider-Man 3 ranked in all of this. It's a terrible movie despite the characters they had involved.

Once you've made your way down to positon #1 you can see rankings 85-91 too, or another way to look at it: The Worst 6 Superhero Movies Of All Time.

The images accompanying this and the original article were illustrated by Scott Biersack.

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