Should I be excited for subgrid in CSS?

Week 285 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-04-11.

In CSS, subgrid is something I've heard about but not really gotten around to understanding. Last month, I finally got around to watching @argyleInk's 2022 Google I/O talk on the State of CSS and it covered subgrid really nicely.

Hadn’t quite gotten around to figuring out some ‘recent’ CSS things but @argyleink ’s Google I/O video has a great wrap up and explanation of @ layers, subgrid and more.

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subgrid looks like it should actually reduce complexity despite being another piece of the layout puzzle. Full bleed images is a design pattern we see across the web, and while it can be achieved with CSS today, BrowserStack have a good article on the topic of subgrid where they break down why it's a bit of a problem at the moment.

Having subgrids reference their parents makes sense, I think, but I need to dig a little deeper to see how this plays out in some real world examples.

Tags: css, css grid, subgrid

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