I've just posted my first video review to YouTube on my new channel; IRL Tech Reviews

Week 307 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-09-11.

I had teased it as something I'd look to do back in July and then created a new YouTube channel a couple of days later.

Channel created 😬 https://youtube.com/@irltechreviews

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IRL Tech Reviews is the channel I'll be posting long term reviews of various things. I don't expect it to be regular, but somewhere I can put my thoughts out in video form. I feel like these types of reviews are more honest and you can only really form an opinion having lived with something for a while.

iPhone 14 Pro, a year later

I thought there'd be no better time to review the iPhone 14 Pro than just a day before the iPhone 15 lineup is announced!

I'm not a yearly upgrader on any of the tech I have, I use them for as long as I possibly can. While I understand the release cycle and why they're reviewed yearly, I have no idea why anyone is upgrading year on year.

Upcoming reviews?

I haven't settled on a schedule or anything just yet, but I think the next few things I'll look at will likely be Apple related with one exception; my Canon DSLR which is very old but more than capable even today.

The IRL Tech Reviews format

My goal is to post reviews that are around 5 minutes long, hit the main features and maybe run through some pros and cons. I can support reviews with a post here and while I don't expect to have millions of views, let alone subscribers, I would like to keep it up and see what I can turn it into.

Uncomfortable in front of the camera

That's how I feel at the moment. I am the last person who would volunteer to speak in public and a camera somehow feels worse but it's about time I tried to overcome that and push myself a little harder.

Zoom is one thing, but sitting in front of a camera and trying to fit a topic into 5 minutes was harder than I thought. By the time I've added titles and transitions the timeline just kept growing and I decided not to reign myself in to much for my first video. It's just about making a start.

Filming was tough as I had to find a space, light it, and get rolling... only to find out I was out of focus. The second time was more seamless but I definitely made mistakes with lighting the second time around and maybe didn't hit the points in the way I wanted to.

Editing was really tough, I decided to stick with what I have and dove into iMovie. I ended up using Sketch to create titles and things which all need refinement, but it's a start.

I'd love to hear feedback, so leave a comment on the video or feel free to send me a message... and here it is:


I somehow missed the obvious thing to do here, which was to extend Good Gear Club to take it beyond just sharing products and reviews. I'm correcting the channel now so that it is Good Gear Club branded instead and you can find it at @goodgearclub as you can on Twitter and Instagram.

I'll leave the video up as it is, but going forward it will all be Good Gear Club branded!

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