How did we break the internet?

Week 306 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-09-04.

It was almost like therapy listening to John Gruber and Jason Snell on The Talk Show this past week.

I've been thinking about how sharing content feels broken on Twitter (or X) and every other social platform really. There's so much clickbait, titles that 'work' in drawing you in but how many times do they actually deliver on that initial promise?

From a journalist point of view, or at least what I would expect of someone in that profession, surely the thrill comes from breaking a story rather than rehashing it? Burying the lead many paragraphs down, past a few ads and even then it's a nothing story.

For me, Axios is a great example of professional media site that brings info together in a digestible manor. Not just rehashing stories word for word, but providing context and getting to the point. Daring Fireball, Kottke and Pixel Envy are great examples of sites that provide commentary but ultimately you go to the source for the whole thing but they give enough for you to make that choice.

All of the above are how the web should be, in my opinion.

I don't know if it was social media that made it the norm first, or if the world of clickbait drove social media this way, but it irks me how often I see content copied and pasted rather than shared. With or without commentary is fine, but the worst is when the original author of the content isn't credited.

Ultimately, it feels like publishing on the web is broken and I really hope we find a way to fix it.


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