There's always room for improvement

While I continue to enjoy writing weekly on this blog, there's plenty of room for improvement and it feels like it's time to start putting in a bit more effort in to the infrastructure here at 1 Thing A Week

Week 305 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2023-08-28.

I've long had the philosophy that websites should be fast and responsive while content should be king but I'm coming around to realising that it's not enough.

They still feel like the three most important things, but I feel like I am missing something because the traffic trends here seem to be fairly constant. I get spikes for sure, but they're not very big so I want to spend a bit more time in improving the discoverability of what I write here. Part of me is ready to scale everything back to the essentials and make sure content comes first. Another part of me is thinking about how to put together some more interesting content...

These are the things on my list of things to research over the next few weeks:

If you have tips to share, I'm all ears @cchana on Twitter or on Bluesky.

Tags: seo

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