Homepages I've never seen before

Week 194 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2021-07-12.

StackOverflow is the obvious one that pops up from time to time on social media as a popular site which very people ever actually see the homepage for.

It struck me recently that there are actually quite a few I've never seen, so there's a chance you haven't either. Here are the screenshots for a few that are great for web development documentation, but I've found various page thanks to Google searches rather than stumbling across the homepage.



Screenshot of the StackOverflow homepage



Screenshot of the W3Schools homepage



Screenshot of the GitHub homepage



Screenshot of the Trello homepage



Screenshot of the Mozilla Developer Network homepage

A lot of effort must go into creating these landing pages and yet thanks to the way in which the web is connected and we find our answers many of us may go years without seeing the pages above. At the time of writing, it was actually the first time I'd ever seen the w3schools.com homepage and it's a site I've visited many times over the course of my career.

GMail was one I thought might have something interesting, but it's pretty much a redirect to get you logged in. I wonder which other services I must use often but have never been seen the homepage for.

Tags: web

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