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2021218. Goodbye, 2021
217. Instagram is bad at the open web
216. Auditing the 10 most visited websites in the UK
215. Diving into the CSS clamp() function
214. Two simple keyboard shortcuts for macOS
213. GitHub Copilot Preview
212. My iPad mini review (6th generation)
211. 1,000 sites now featured on Sitejoy
210. I think I finally understand the CSS min() and max() functions!
209. 3 more things apple should bring back to the Mac
208. The most annoying things about Safari for iOS 15
207. The CSS max() function
206. The and elements in HTML
205. Why I can't wait for the :has() pseudo-class in CSS
204. Did you know you can send a SMS from HTML?
203. Filling the gap between gas and electric cars: PHEVs
202. Getting my head around the CSS minmax() function
201. How to implement the Web Share API on your website
200. Experimenting with the CSS min() function
199. How to use mailto links and the different properties available
198. The HTTP 203 web series
197. Why I'm unable to chart and share the step data from iOS
196. Getting it wrong with CSS Grid!
195. Restoring the screen on my original GameBoy
194. Homepages I've never seen before
193. 5 things website need to stop doing
192. Upcoming changes to Safari 15 in MacOS Monterray
191. Update 2 for SkeletonCSS
190. Now that we have container queries, can we get native parallax scrolling please?
189. HEX, RGB, and HSL colors in CSS
188. I built a simple routing framework for PHP called Wayfinder
187. Goodbye, Internet Explorer. You will not be missed.
186. 1 Year of SITEJOY
185. Mixing N-match notations in CSS
184. How to use the prefers media query in CSS
183. Understanding N-match notation in CSS
182. Some upcoming changes to the content on 1 Thing A Week
181. 3 things I didn't know SCSS / SASS could do
180. First update to SkeletonCSS
179. My CSS properties explainer thread on Twitter
178. I thought I knew HTML pretty well, but I still have a lot to learn
177. Introducing SkeletonCSS, my take on a base SCSS file
176. I ❤️ SASS but am I making the most of it?
175. My daughter built her first website
174. Why Apple need to bring lux level support to HomeKit
173. Using HTML's details tag
172. How to build a pure CSS accordion
171. How my portfolio website evolved over the past 16 years
170. Taking a different approach to website analytics
169. Is the internet in an obesity crisis?
168. Things I want to learn in 2021
167. My #dohackathon submission: The Neptunes, an interactive archive