A little bit of downtime

Sometimes a break is all we need.

Week 239 was posted by Charanjit Chana on 2022-05-25.

The last few months have been really good for me from a creative point of view. I've drawn, doodled, sketched and read more in the first 4 months of the year than I have in probably the last 5 years combined.

You may have noticed that this post is a few days late. Combined with a cold I have, my concentration on a screen has been at an all time high. That's in stark contrast to the Screen Time feature on my Apple devices, which indicates that I am regularly reducing the amount of time spent using my phone/tablet/laptop. It might be that my habits have changed to require more attention spent over slightly shorter periods of time which probably isn't a very good thing. I'm using Procreate almost daily, Books.app or Kindle.app for reading/reference and then gaming occasionally throughout the day. All of this is on an iPad mini kept at half an arm's length.

At the end of last week I endured some heavy headaches, which thankfully have subsided now and I'm left with the tail-end of a cold.

While I would love to end 2022 with 12 books under my belt alongside 365 pieces of art work from drawing everyday, I'm going to reign it in for the rest of May. I'll try to keep any drawings I do in an analogue format and I won't be finishing the book I started until next month now as I only have a digital copy as were the next few I had lined up to read.

Hopefully some rest for my eyes and my brain is all I need.

Tags: health, rest

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