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The literal world map

Week 22.0 — 26th March '18

Given the relative stability of the world, the formation of countries and renaming of cities continues to happen. It's always been interesting to see the different names given to a country by another which is often most notable during a sporting tournament like the Olympics or the FIFA World Cup. And so enters the literal world map:

The literal world map

There are some really interesting literal translations and some that just do not sit right at all in the modern world.

BotswanaThose Who Went Away
EgyptTemple of the Soul of Ptah
Equatorial Guinea(Equatorial) Land of the Black Men
Ethiopia(Equatorial) Land of the Black Men
NigerRiver of Rivers
SenegalOur Canoe

While it turns out that the map may have some inaccuracies, the research is mostly sound and I could verify each of the above examples. There are of course many other issues with maps in general, including the projections used.

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